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The Prodigal World
School of Darkness
The Four Last Things
Learning the Virtues
Three To Get Married
Pope Francis:The Pope from the End of the Earth
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The Meaning of Life
The Roman Martyrology
Meditations on the Angels
Finding God's Will For You
Preach the Word by Fr. Kenneth Baker
Why Must I Suffer?
Meditation on the Passion
Confessions of a Roman Catholic
Thirty Days with the Irish Mystics
The Biblical Basis for Purgatory
Walk With God
A Touch of Grace--The Joyful Mysteries
Portrait of the Passion--The Sorrowful Mysteries
Crown of Glory--The Glorious Mysteries
God's World and Our Place in It
Hungry Souls
The Holy Shroud & Four Visions
The Catholic Church & Science
How to Profit from Your Faults
The Faith Applied
Called to Life
In Heaven We Know Our Own
Thoughts for Daily Living
The Three Marks of Manhood
The End of the Present World & the Mysteries of the Future Life
All For Her
Abandonment to Divine Providence
Simple Truths
Overcoming Lukewarmness
How to Make Sense of Suffering
Letter to My Non-Catholic Friend
The Catholic Book of Character & Success
Heaven Sense: What Scripture and the Catholic Church Really Teach About Heaven
Eucharistic Miracles
The Incredible Catholic Mass
Finding Confidence in Times of Trial
The Incorruptibles
Christ in Dachau
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The Holy Angels
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Always Inspired
Mary in Her Scapular Promise
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The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc