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Rituale Romanum

Rituale Romanum
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Rituale Romanum
In Latin Only

This most recent version of the Rituale Romanum is the Editio typica of 1952 or the Vatican edition of 1957 respectively, which had been augmented by several rites of Benediction. These editions were published during the reign of Pope Pius XII, and consequently contained only the psalm translations approved by him. Until now there has been no edition of the Rituale Romanum representing the Editio typica of today, which makes use of the traditional translations of the psalms: the so-called Psalms of the Vulgate. This is the sought after Rituale Romanum which uses the traditional Vulgate Psalms. Consequently, this is the version of the Rituale which was in force in 1962.

Our Rituale Romanum complies with canon law and regulations and was granted the Imprimatur according to can. 826 II CIC by His Excellency Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke OSB.

The Rituale Romanum is the indispensable companion to a priest when he administers the sacraments, when he gives benedictions and when he fulfills his pastoral duties. There is a table of contents for the priest's review showing that there is an appropriate blessing for all occasions. In the very back there are two additional blessings included which were approved only in 1956. These are the Blessing for Stone Quarries (Lapicidinarum) and a Blessing for a Marble Workshop, showing the variety of blessings available. Please note that this is in Latin only, which may require some explanation before or after its use.

This high quality edition uses cream colored Bible paper, double columns for psalms, rubrics in red for clarity, rounded corners, all newly prepared and set texts, and the printing and book binding represent the very best craftsmen can offer. Includes finely drawn reproductions of late 19th century engravings and a number of vignettes.

The spine carries blind embossing and embossed lettering in gold. Like with old liturgical handbooks the cover has been blind-tooled along the edges to produce a complete and harmonious appearance. Also, please note that the cover is flexible and when opened the volume rests comfortably in the hand, making its use easy for the priest.

Measures approximately 4 1/2" x 7", two ribbons(gold and burgandy), 661 pp.(does not include jacket as pictured)